Let me begin by saying that, it all begins with the first crush in school, we are so enthusiastic about Love, that adrenaline rush, butterflies in your stomach at the sight of that special someone, your heart beating hard, trying to create situations to talk to someone special and sometimes becoming a fool. Then after school days, you never meet her and she is gone. Sad part is that she never bothered for all these and you spend a lot of time thinking about so called Love at 1st sight or 1st love.

As we grow up, move into our college days, we get into different relationships with “n” number of girls, keep on trying one girl after other, spending endless hours on the telephone, saying sweet things to each other, only to find out later that this wasn’t meant to be. Spending sleepless night, skiping lunch ,dinner etc. Some people study with their partners in Libraries, in their rooms, in parks etc. Some roam around brightening up the places they visit such as  roads, parks, and malls. They amuse others who are desperate to lead to life like that. It is full of fun. People often wonder how it will be in “relationship”. They are eager to get a good partner. Some people even do a lot of show off in front of their friends (bike stunts etc), they even ignore them but unfortunately they discover that was wrong. Many are ready to do all kinds of things such as helping them in any situation just to impress the Lady love. Falling in and out of love, pulling apart, having a lot of small fights, ignoring partners just to test them if they are really interested and coming together again and again, it all ends with things that we don’t talk about, rather do without and just hold a smile. That’s all thats what is called “a relationship”. But very few people have success in their relation. Then it goes on to marriage. A famous saying “True love is exceptional–two or three times a century, more or less. The rest of the time there is vanity or boredom”

So we can say that Love, the most addictive thing, next to alcohol of course or many be more than that since our mood depends on other person but in case of alcohol it only depends on our mood and bottle is always happy to give away its content( drink). Love is more addictive than alcohol (some may disagree, but think about it)

For some people Love, the thing that keeps them alive, others view it an emotion, which can’t be expressed, while others take it as a “game”, for everyone to play and have fun and more and more people usually do this. Those who don’t recognize this game end up being a victim. With this broken heart, people often get into habit of smoking, drinking, growing beard etc, trying to show the world that they are depressed and upset (I don’t know what they want to prove to world). The world also reacts in same way since  World is like a Mirror. Some people go so far of even black mailing by attempt to suicide etc. This behavior reflects in truth the real person what you are. This shows lack of Self Love.

As they say, you can only love once in life but these things have become impossible events in these times. People often try many girls, do all sorts of things before they marry and even after marriage people resort to extra marital affairs for external happiness and Love from someone else. Are they not happy with their beloved partner, children?. All the above described, as Love is Physical attraction or Lust not LOVE.

Then finally after a lot of searching for Love here and there, finally met Lovers. Boy was deaf and girl was dumb.I was astonished. I asked them how do you communicate your Love. They said through “eyes” and in silence. Very strange, but true. They said they need not talk to communicate their Love. Eyes do the talking. I haven’t experienced this feeling yet.

So what is love and how do you know she/he is the one who your heart beats for. Should we wait for some signs from GOD? Love is being in harmony with one and all. Love means realizing oneness or your identify with the world. One should Love oneself to Love others. Lost and insecure, we often confuse this as selfless love, which on the other hand is just an impulsive, foolish behavior marked by self-degradation. People spend endless time in discovering Love from this materialistic world, but when one start loving oneself you can realize that the world starts loving you.Materialistic world gives temporary happiness. Its momentary ones you lose the thing you will lose the happiness.One should be in Love with oneself and be happy and content with oneself and then later on look to spread this Love, happiness to others. It’s very difficult to find happiness in oneself, but it is impossible to find happiness elsewhere.

The people of the world are like different parts of your physical body. To maintain harmony in your body every part of it must consider itself one with whole. Similarly you must be one with all the living beings in the world. Concept of love today is distorted. All personal attachments limit you, they make you dependent and prepare your fall (you are fallen in Love (deep well). Love and attachment are diametrically opposed to each other. When you attach yourself to a particular object, person , you become detached automatically from the rest of the world. A child has no attachment. Its Love is universal. It is represents Love. When child grows up into youth it falls in Love. It likes someone in particular. It develops indifferences to others. Parents, bro, sis, relatives etc. Later as it grows up he craves for Lady Love. True Love is lost. He begins to hate few people in quest of Love. But finally after marriage, your wife, children teach you to Love. You don’t know this until you raised a family. After achieving this don’t confine this only to family. Spread it to whole universe. Your home should be center and not boundary. Let your feelings become one with sun, moon, stars, mountains(mineral life), streams, plants (vegetative life) , animals (animal life), all humans ( human  life).


My Life

Note: This is published on 11/Jan/2010


It’s another morning……. Again I have to go to office. Oh , What the hell, I am not able to wake up , move my feet and hands.

Strange …One sec… Let me think what happened. I was going on a trip with my friends to Pondicherry on 15th August 2015. After that I don’t know what happened after that!!!. Its morning now, oh….. It’s already 8:00 AM?I will be late for office and my boss will get a chance to irritate me.

Where is everyone….??? I screamed.

“I think there is a crowed outside my room, let me check.” I said to myself. So many people waiting ….. Not all of them crying…But why some of them crying and some just standing. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING??? I am laying there on the floor. I AM DEAD?

“I AM HERE” … I shouted!!! No one listened.”LOOK I AM NOT DEAD” … I screamed once again!!! No one is interested in me.They all were looking me on the bed. I went back to my bed room.”Am I dead??” I asked myself.

Where is my mother , dad, bro, my friends , my neighbor (Chinni)? I found them in the next room, all of them were crying… still trying to console each other.

My mother was crying.How can I go without saying my mother that I really love her, I really do care of her. ?

How can I go without saying my parents that I am  just because of them??How can I say that I love my mother and I had survived through my childhood hardship because of her.

How can I go without telling my friends that without them perhaps I have done most of the wrong things in my life… thanks for being there always when I need them… and sorry for not being there when they really need me.

I can see a person standing in the corner and trying to hide his tears…..Ohh…he was once my best friend, but a small misunderstanding made us part, and we both have strong enough ego to keep us disconnect.I went there.. And offered him my hand, “Dear friend… I just want to say sorry for everything, we are still best friend, please forgive me.”No response from other side, what the hell?? He is still preserving his ego, I am saying sorry… even then!!! Please one last time speak to me.But one sec….. it seems he is not able to see me!!!! He did not see my extended hand.

My goodness… AM I REALLY DEAD???

I just sat down near ME; I was also feeling like crying…”OH ALMIGHTY!!!! PLEASE JUST GIVE ME FEW MORE DAYS…”I just wasn’t to make my mother, dad ,  my bro ; my friends realize that how much I love them

“GOD!!!!” I screamed… a little more time plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

I cried…One more chance please…. to hug my mom and make her smile just once, to feel my dad proud on me at least for a moment, to say sorry to my friends for everything I have not given to them, and thanks for still being in my life……Then I looked up and cried!!!!I shouted….


I became conscious and I remembered that I had met with a worst accident while traveling to Pondicherry with my friends on my bike Pulsar 180. Bike was in pieces and half the bike was crash as a truck hit me headon as truck driver was coming from wrong side.  I was unconscious for 10-15 mins where the GODs showed me “WHO I AM” and “WHAT PURPOSE I CAME TO EARTH”. This shook me to the core of my consciousness and I have been a changed person from then on. Luckily I survived with GOD’s  grace with few injuries to my leg. I was limping for next 2 months. All those who gathered there at accident site couldn’t believe that I had survived. My friends dropped me to my home and i said them “Thank you for being with me” and “SORRY for screwing the trip”

I realized how important it is to enjoy every moment in life and give back the love which others have given in any little form. We have come on this earth as a child born in mother’s womb, so pure, true, and humble. A child is in LOVE and not fallen in LOVE (literally it means fallen in deep well). We should go as we came (like a child). So LOVE all beings in this world (different forms of LOVE).

I then kissed my Helmet which had saved me. Helmet now occupies a prime place in my home in Devara Mane. Its GOD to me.

I can see my mother happy now. I told them how much I care for them. They can hear me.

This is the happiest moment of my life…

I hugged her and whispered…. “U R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND CARING MOM IN THIS UNIVERSE…. I REALLY LOVE U DEAR” I can’t understand the reason of the smile on her face with some tears in her eyes, still I m happy…..

I realized that a neighbor of mine had passes away recently and I had grown literally spending all my time with them in their house. I never took any effort to console their parents and not visit him (dead). Finally realized this when Chinni came to me and asked me “Anna what happened to your leg, Why are limping “I was in tears. A small child so innocent and cares and ask about us. We grown up forget all this and indulge in all sorts if non sense things. So be like a child.


So, Now it’s not late… Forget your egos, past…………., and LIVE LIFE TO FULLEST………. Be friendly………………

Keep smiling and be happy forever.

Story and Essence of Avatar



Author – Atul . Author is a software developer at MindTree Ltd (forgive me for grammar). This article will be appreciated by person who have good emotional and spiritual quotient. Any suggestions, improvements, criticisms are welcome. There is a lot of scope for improvement of this article. All the ideas and comments in this article are mine and are not intended to hurt any person, characters or anyone related to the movie.


The movie starts off by showing the scientific and technological advancements of West world. They have developed machines that can predict enemy movements, show the map of the any location, huge robots in which man can embed him into the robot and do huge physical task easily. They have huge guns, explosives etc. In 2154, the RDA Corporation is mining Pandora. The corporation aims to exploit Pandora’s reserves of a valuable mineral called unobtanium, which is worth $20 million per kilogram back on Earth. Pandora is inhabited by the Na’vi. The Navi’s have sparkling blue skin and live in harmony with Nature, worshiping a mother goddess called Eywa

The hero (Jake) of the movie is crippled. He was in marine and so he had no background of scientific and technological advancements of West world. He is last-minute replacement for his identical twin brother, who was a scientist trained to be an avatar operator but killed now.  He can be compared to child who is not spoilt in his heart and brain. He is like a child who is fresh at heart, wanting to learn about things around and about nature. Child is always happy and grasps everything which is taught to it. But child needs a good “Guru” to guide to supreme truth.

The technologically advanced West world has equipment which can transform your mind and body into new AVATAR to a different location i.e. into the Pandora’s jungles to learn about the ways and art of living of jungle people. This equipment can be compared to the control of our mind which transfers oneself close to nature and nature people (Navi).

These nature people  are good at heart. They believe in omens – sings of nature. They don’t hurt animals. Humans are more powerful than animals. Humans with their physical (not much of use since animals are huge and dangerous), mind and intellect (which animals don’t have) can control the behavior of animals since humans can talk with their heart and convey the love to animals.

Then the hero (Jake) of the movie is asked to prove himself as to why he should be chosen for this mission of the technologically advanced West world. Mission “Is to know the magic way of living of nature people (Navi). Their simplicity, astonishing success of conquering huge animals and the bonding between themselves, animals and nature and finally the  GOD.”

The hero  proves that he is worth for this mission since his brother was chosen for this mission and his genes to will have the inherent traits of his bro. Finally he is sent on this mission with another lady (Dr. Augustine). They are transformed into new AVATAR to the Pandora’s jungles with this equipment.

The hero  enters the Pandora’s jungles with the help of chopper driven by a capable lady (well trained in handling the chopper). First the hero  enters the Pandora’s jungles and encounters a huge rino. He is asked by his another lady (Dr. Augustine) friend to hold his position and the huge rino will glare and go away. He thus holds his position and huge rino just stares and goes away. This can be compared with the external thoughts that are entering your brain. They test your ability to handle the situation and your intellect to respond a difficult scenario.

Then hero  is then encountered with another huge animal (right now it probably does not exist –so can’t give any name). Now the lady friend (Dr. Augustine) asks him to run away from it, as fast and far as possible. He successfully does it. This can be compared with huge external force, thought that attack you to kill you (your true SELF). So learn to avoid failures to gain success.  Learn to control the mind and gain success.

Now the heroin (Neytiri a female Navi) makes any entry. She sees the hero (Jake) and makes a judgment that he is from the city and she wants to kill him. She is about to kill the hero  then the omens (natural signs) gives the sign to the lady (heroin -Neytiri a female Navi) and she refrains from killing him. Omens are divine signs of GOD and only a pure heart can listen and get the essence of the signs. But she is not yet convinced as to why she should not kill him and she realizes it later (I will point out when). But she listens to her heart and reads the omens and thus avoids killing him.

Then Hero  is attacked by wild beast . Hero  fights with them without understanding the true intent of their attack and thus fails. It can be compared to any problem that we encounter and we attack them without understanding them and thus fail. So if you can understand them, then you can solve them easily.

Now the lady (heroin) comes and helps him to overcome these animals. She unfortunately kills few of them. She scolds him for killing them and blames hero  for enticing her to do so. But then again the omens show that he is true at heart. The small bright, vibrant leaves of the holy tree or Hometree (Supreme GOD) surround the hero . Now lady (heroin) listens to omens and says that hero has a “true heart” (just like a small child).

Now hero  is taken to the head of the jungle – lady’s  father and lady (heroin ) bro . They believe that hero is a city guy and wants to destroy them. But lady (heroin) tells about omens of Supreme GOD and her mother (spiritual lady head) says that he be trusted. Now head of the jungle – lady’s  father orders heroin to guide him (guru) and teach him all the ethics, practices, way of living, art of living, hunting and how to talk to nature, animals and GOD. Heroin asks “Why me”. But she has to execute her orders (Do karma of guru by teaching ethics, practices, way of living, and art of living).

Hero  who is like a child learns all the tricks of jungle. lady teaches him everything needed to survive in jungle like jumping from above 10, 000 feet and using the leaves of strange plants to fall safely , how to make emotional contact with animals ( talking through heart) . Now the hero just like a child learns everything taught to him. He practices it to master them. He develops his physical strength needed to do Karma through the body. This is the most important development of oneself since without a body no one can do any work. He conquers his physical strength.

In between he uses this machine to visit the Pandora’s jungles i.e. he gets into his new AVATAR. Observations – Machine represents the state of our mind. When he visits the Pandora’s jungles he is at purest state. Our mind fluctuates and is fickle and we thus move away from nature. Being in that pure state of mind is difficult, but it’s not impossible.

He records all his observations. He explains the West world in cities (capitalistic) people about the nature people (Navi). He tells everything about them, which so pure in their original state. But these people don’t understand much about them.

Then the lady (heroin) shows hero a wild bird used to fly across the Pandora’s jungles. She tells him how she handles the wild bird. Now they go to a place high in the mountains so that hero  also gets a wild bird to fly. They trek to high mountains through narrow lain. This requires physical strength. In final stride hero  leads the gang. Now lady (heroin) says to hero to find the wild bird (which his heart tells that this is the one) and the wild bird also chooses him. Hero is confused and asks how? She says that wild bird will attack him and try to kill him (that is the right bird for him). Hero advances in an area where there are so many wild birds. Many fly off the mountain. He thus advances further. Then a wild bird attacks him and tries to kill him. He attacks back. He told the bird by neck and controls it. But bird throws him away. He almost gets killed. But holds on. Again hero attacks and controls the bird. Finally wild bird is under his control. Lady now says well done and “don’t wait even for a moment “. This is your change to fly (1st one). He flies. Deep down from sky to the mountains. Initially it flies according to his wish. But hero tells it to move right it thus moves right and so on.

Here is the comparison ( it can be improved). Wild bird is our mind, without control it behaves like monkey. One needs to conquer the mind and control it. You order your mind and not allow the thoughts of our mind to control you.  Without self control of your mind you can never reach your destination. Never think about your past or about your future. Focus on the present day. Focus all your energy on doing today’s work. Learn from a child. It is full of energy. You will find it difficult to stop a child since it never thinks about the past or future.

He finds happiness in these Pandora’s jungles with natural people. He wins the heart, respect, faith of the nature people (Navi).

The dialogue of film “ A person has two lives. 2nd one is when he wins the heart of people”

Then hero and heroine go to the scared Hometree – full of light, brightness, etc. Hero becomes one with the scared (this represents the Supreme GOD) He attaches his hair extension with that Supreme GOD. Our spiritual power flows through from the hairs from back of our head. Energy always flows from region of higher spiritual power to lower region of spiritual power. Hero then asks the lady about his opinion. He would have never touched her. Hero treats her as GURU and learns everything from her. That’s the respect and relationship he has with her.

Then heroine asks hero to listen to the Supreme GOD and make a wish for his LOVE. She explains him that there are ladies who are good hunters, archers, etc…….. But the hero chooses her and expresses his LOVE to the lady. Lady accepts. They may LOVE (beneath the sacred Hometree). ******* (Probably I don’t agree with this).

Now the technologically advanced West worlds in cities attack the scared Home tree. They want to destroy the scared Hometree.

Then all the nature people (Navi) gather. Then lady  father, mother and brother come to know about LOVE. They are asked about this in front of all the nature people (Navi). Lady confesses and truth is revealed. Father and mother, brother, nature people (Navi) are furious with them. They are against hero. But lady (heroin) convinces them about their true Love.

Hero then explains the people in cities that scared Hometree is divine to them and they should not destroy it. But they don’t listen.

Then there will be a gathering in Pandora’s jungles of all nature people. Hero then reveals his true intent. His goal. PEOPLE go against him. Lady is furious. She doesn’t trust him anymore. She asks him to never talk to her. She loses her control. Hero tries to convince them but in vain. He is sent off the Pandora’s  jungles.

But hero never loses his control over mind. He never says “I quit”.  Struggles hard to get back the trust of the  people.

Now the capitalist, call a war against nature people. ………………etc  Finally capitalist destroy a huge tree by bombing it and pulling the huge tree down. They leave the hero behind in Pandora’s jungles.

But hero never loses his heart. He gets up for one last time to fight against capitalist and convince nature people about his true intent. This is showed beautifully.

Now “Intellect” comes into picture. Intellect is one which controls your mind (superior to mind). It can identify b/w good and bad. It can raise the level of human brain to such an extent that he need not speak. His action does all the speaking. With his Intellect he tames a big wild bird (king of all birds) (Toruk, an immensely powerful flying beast that only five Na’vi have ever tamed ) and rides that bird and takes it to the nature people where they have gather to mourn the father’s death. PEOPLE there are impressed since that big wild bird was never conquered by anyone. (His intellect takes command of this supreme mind). People then begin to trust him. He request lady’s bro to trust him so that they can fight capitalist. His lady Love is also impressed and convinced about him and his duty for nature people. He takes permission of bro’s so that he can speak to the people gather there. His bro translates it.

As the humans attack, the Navi fight back but suffer heavy casualties. When the Na’vi’s are on the verge of defeat, the Pandora’s wildlife suddenly attacks the humans, overwhelming them. Lady (Neytiri) interprets this as Eywa answering Jake’s prayer. During the assault, Jake destroys the main bomber before it can reach the Tree of Souls. However. Lady (Neytiri) kills Quaritch (Villian) and saves Jake, seeing his human form. With the attack repelled, Jake and Lady Neytiri reaffirm their love, repeating the phrase “I See you”, a culturally significant phrase for the Na’vi. The humans are thrown away from Pandora. The film ends with Jake’s consciousness being transplanted into his Na’vi avatar.

Underlying message is how important it has become for us humans to think alike about saving our planet. Surrender to the will of sprit of nature and nature will protect everyone at all levels. Machines and robots can never overtake nature. Nature has its own say on this. Nature never acts in haste. It always gives you back whatever you have done to it. So surrender to nature and SUPREME ONE (whatever name you give) and they will always protect you.