Let me begin by saying that, it all begins with the first crush in school, we are so enthusiastic about Love, that adrenaline rush, butterflies in your stomach at the sight of that special someone, your heart beating hard, trying to create situations to talk to someone special and sometimes becoming a fool. Then after school days, you never meet her and she is gone. Sad part is that she never bothered for all these and you spend a lot of time thinking about so called Love at 1st sight or 1st love.

As we grow up, move into our college days, we get into different relationships with “n” number of girls, keep on trying one girl after other, spending endless hours on the telephone, saying sweet things to each other, only to find out later that this wasn’t meant to be. Spending sleepless night, skiping lunch ,dinner etc. Some people study with their partners in Libraries, in their rooms, in parks etc. Some roam around brightening up the places they visit such as  roads, parks, and malls. They amuse others who are desperate to lead to life like that. It is full of fun. People often wonder how it will be in “relationship”. They are eager to get a good partner. Some people even do a lot of show off in front of their friends (bike stunts etc), they even ignore them but unfortunately they discover that was wrong. Many are ready to do all kinds of things such as helping them in any situation just to impress the Lady love. Falling in and out of love, pulling apart, having a lot of small fights, ignoring partners just to test them if they are really interested and coming together again and again, it all ends with things that we don’t talk about, rather do without and just hold a smile. That’s all thats what is called “a relationship”. But very few people have success in their relation. Then it goes on to marriage. A famous saying “True love is exceptional–two or three times a century, more or less. The rest of the time there is vanity or boredom”

So we can say that Love, the most addictive thing, next to alcohol of course or many be more than that since our mood depends on other person but in case of alcohol it only depends on our mood and bottle is always happy to give away its content( drink). Love is more addictive than alcohol (some may disagree, but think about it)

For some people Love, the thing that keeps them alive, others view it an emotion, which can’t be expressed, while others take it as a “game”, for everyone to play and have fun and more and more people usually do this. Those who don’t recognize this game end up being a victim. With this broken heart, people often get into habit of smoking, drinking, growing beard etc, trying to show the world that they are depressed and upset (I don’t know what they want to prove to world). The world also reacts in same way since  World is like a Mirror. Some people go so far of even black mailing by attempt to suicide etc. This behavior reflects in truth the real person what you are. This shows lack of Self Love.

As they say, you can only love once in life but these things have become impossible events in these times. People often try many girls, do all sorts of things before they marry and even after marriage people resort to extra marital affairs for external happiness and Love from someone else. Are they not happy with their beloved partner, children?. All the above described, as Love is Physical attraction or Lust not LOVE.

Then finally after a lot of searching for Love here and there, finally met Lovers. Boy was deaf and girl was dumb.I was astonished. I asked them how do you communicate your Love. They said through “eyes” and in silence. Very strange, but true. They said they need not talk to communicate their Love. Eyes do the talking. I haven’t experienced this feeling yet.

So what is love and how do you know she/he is the one who your heart beats for. Should we wait for some signs from GOD? Love is being in harmony with one and all. Love means realizing oneness or your identify with the world. One should Love oneself to Love others. Lost and insecure, we often confuse this as selfless love, which on the other hand is just an impulsive, foolish behavior marked by self-degradation. People spend endless time in discovering Love from this materialistic world, but when one start loving oneself you can realize that the world starts loving you.Materialistic world gives temporary happiness. Its momentary ones you lose the thing you will lose the happiness.One should be in Love with oneself and be happy and content with oneself and then later on look to spread this Love, happiness to others. It’s very difficult to find happiness in oneself, but it is impossible to find happiness elsewhere.

The people of the world are like different parts of your physical body. To maintain harmony in your body every part of it must consider itself one with whole. Similarly you must be one with all the living beings in the world. Concept of love today is distorted. All personal attachments limit you, they make you dependent and prepare your fall (you are fallen in Love (deep well). Love and attachment are diametrically opposed to each other. When you attach yourself to a particular object, person , you become detached automatically from the rest of the world. A child has no attachment. Its Love is universal. It is represents Love. When child grows up into youth it falls in Love. It likes someone in particular. It develops indifferences to others. Parents, bro, sis, relatives etc. Later as it grows up he craves for Lady Love. True Love is lost. He begins to hate few people in quest of Love. But finally after marriage, your wife, children teach you to Love. You don’t know this until you raised a family. After achieving this don’t confine this only to family. Spread it to whole universe. Your home should be center and not boundary. Let your feelings become one with sun, moon, stars, mountains(mineral life), streams, plants (vegetative life) , animals (animal life), all humans ( human  life).


12 thoughts on “LOVE???

  1. Satish

    yup this is universal true about love my friend… but i like to contradict your statement about “love & attachment are diametrically opposed together” they both are same coz attachment creates the love.

  2. Hrishikesh

    Dude.. I have one question…. Why do we always talk on Love with GIRL.. Why can’t it be with parents, friends, Bro’s & sis’s… Why always GIRL & GIRL & Girl & so on….

  3. Balakrishna

    Brother, nice post ! You should have spoken more about this in Gokarna and we would have shot an interesting conversation !

    I wonder what ‘n’ was for you in college and now I know why you frequented the library so much !

    I liked your statement about self-love ! There are very few relationships in this world which are beyond self-love and you can call it true love when it is one of them.

  4. KK

    Nice one…

    A very debatable topic, shown the essence of true love; the unconditional part of it….
    Hard to be a follower of the words mentioned, in the world that we are in today.

  5. Pavithra

    hey 🙂 nice one…

    n its so true that ” v need not talk to communicate our LOVE,” eyes is the best communicator of every emotion 🙂 🙂

    n the last para is really nice.. 🙂 :)and yes we constrain and limit ourselves n our love to one person, which we realise lately …

    nyways nice article 🙂 🙂

  6. Shravan

    Nice thought about love. Very difficult to put in words.

    Love resulting in marriage may end to be a successful relation or may rather hit some as a surprising jolt of reality.

  7. richa mohindru

    Nice articulation…I thought u probably wud be mentioning something about ur own crush n luv..but was interesting to read

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