Water Issues

Water issues in Andra Pradesh needless to say, vary with topography and other socio‐cultural and economic contexts. Dependence on a limited water source in villages or water source located at a far off distance accentuates hardship during peak summer months.

Traditional coping mechanisms to address largely the issue of water scarcity have been attempted through harvesting water from all sources optimally. Hence roof top rainwater harvesting has been in use. However, the rainwater collected was mostly in small storage units which would barely last a month. Months of use of collected rainwater from rooftop would reduce drudgery for those specific time periods but did not necessarily solve the problem of scarcity.

Ponds have been the tried and tested storage units. However, increasing political polarization has affected community management of such structures. Institutions vested with stewardship to manage community assets have become fragmented and people’s faith in them has waned over the years. Though this is not a universal scenario, across the state, they have contributed to mismanagement of such assets. This situation has to be rectified through appropriate institutional models.


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