UPSC Strategy

UPSC Strategy

1, You need to ‘internalise’ what you read – that will help you remember more. If you understand the subject and not just mug up, your need for revision becomes less.

2, You need to ‘write’ – it helps you in having legible writing which is necessary for mains too. Writing notes however sketchy will improve your memory. Especially write what you feel you tend to forget. For example, I don’t remember dates easily, keep forgetting. So whenever I get chance I write somewhere. I may preserve it or throw it too. But keep ‘writing’.

3, Become time sensitive. You all have got ample time now. As the exam nears, you will know that you have wasted lot of time. Start reading now. Discussion about strategy and mutual guidance on how to crack the exam will totally waste your time.
How many minutes you take to brush your teeth daily?
5 minutes?
Why not 2 minutes?
You get 3 minutes to read‼️

4, Ncert hard copy – the best 👍

5, Discuss among yourself subjects, book list, doubts.
Ask questions to mentors.
Use q board thoroughly.
Develop listening habit – read what mentors are giving as reply to any question.
I did not get such a thing during my preparation.
You don’t miss out by cross talk and showing off your knowledge or lack of it.
A good listener is a great person in all.

I could see that most of you have not started reading seriously.
We will like to have committed aspirants only, even if it is only 50 or so.
In fact, then all 50 may get through.

Don’t waste time.

Start now‼️


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