H istory Material – 2



1885 – (Dec) Foundation of Indian National Congress.

1889 – Foundation of British committee of the Indian National Congress at London.

1891 – Passing of the Age of Consent Bill

1892 – Indian council Act was passed.

1893 – Inauguration of the Ganapati festival by Tilak.

1895 – Inauguration of the Shivaji festival by Tilak.

1886 – Appointment of a Public Service commission (Atchison commission)

1899 – The number of Indian members in the Calcutta Corporation was reduced.

1900 – Creation of North-West Frontier Province.

1904 – Foundation of Indian Home Rule Society or India House in London by Shyamji Krishnavarma.

– Establishment of Archaeological Department by Curzon.

– Indian University Act passed.

– Co-operative Society Act Passed.

– Foundation of Mitra-Mela by V.D.Savarkar.

– Organization of Abhinav Bharat by V.D.Savarkar.

1905 – (Oct) Partition of Bengal.

– (Nov) Establishment of the National Council of Education

1906 – (Dec) Foundation of Indian Muslim League at Dhaka.

– Starting of a National; College with Aurobindo Ghosh as principal in Calcutta

1907 – Congress Split in Surat.

– First Annual Session of the Muslim League at Karachi.

1908 – (30 April) Throwing up of Bomb in Muzaffarpur by Khudiram Bose & Prafulla Chaki.

– (April) Khudiram Bose was executed.

– The explosive substances Act and the Newspaper Act were passed.

1909 – Indian Council Act of Morley Minto Reforms was passed.

– Madanial Dhingra shot dead Cruzon Wylie.

1910 – Passing of the Press Act.

1911 – Coronation of King George. V- Delhi Durbar.

– Partition of Bengal was revoked.

1912 – (Dec) Bomb thrown on Lord Harding on his state entry into Delhi by Rash Behari Bose

– Transfer of Capital to Delhi from Calcutta.

– Constitution of a separate province of Bihar & Orissa.

1913 – (Nov) Launching of the Ghadar Party at San Francisco.

1914 – (Sept) The Komagata Maru episode.

1915 – Death of Jatin Mukherjee after the failure of Maverick plot at Balsore.

– Gandhi returned to India from South Africa.

1916 – (April) Foundation of Home Rule League by Tilak.

– (Sept) Foundation of Home rule League by Annie Besant.

– Appointment of Sadler commission.

– Luck now Pact in which an agreement was made between Congress & Muslim League.

– Foundation of Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmadabad.

1917 – (April) Champaran Satyagraha by Gandhi.

– (20 Aug) The Congress and the Muslim league dropped the programme of passive resistance

– (Nov) Montague Mission to India.

– Annie Besant dropped the Home Rule Movement.

1918 – Ahmadabad Satyagrah by Gandhi.

– Kheda satyagrah by Gandhi.

1919 – (Feb) Foundation of Satyagrah Sabha by Gandhiji against the introduction of Rowlat Act.

– (13 Apr) Jallian walla Bagh massacre.

– (15 Apr) Martial law in Punjab.

– Rowlett satyagraha.

– (April) Gandhi suspended the Rowlatt Satyagrah campaign.

– (Oct) Appointement of the Hunter Committee.

– (Nov) Foundation of All India Khilafat committee.

– (Dec) Montague – Chelmsford Reforms or the Government of India Act was passed.

– Gandhi elected as the President of All- India Khilafat Conference at Delhi.

– Formation of National Liberation Federation

1920 – (June) Passing of non-cooperation proposal by Khilafat committee in Allahabad session of the Congress.

– ( 1June) Launching of non-cooperation movement by the Khilafat Committee.

– (1 August) Launching of non-cooperation movement by the Congress.

– First meeting of the All India Trade Union Congress.

– Foundation of the Aligarh Muslim University.

1921 – (3 Jan) The Inauguration of the new constitution according to the Government of India Act 1919.

– (1 Feb) Gandhi decided to embark on mass Civil Disobedience at Bardoli.

– (July) Passing a resolution by All India Khilafat Committee prohibited Muslim to serve British Indian Army.

– (Aug) Moplahs rebellion in Malabar Coast.

1922 – (1 Feb) Announcement of Starting of mass civil disobedience by Gandhi.

– (5 Feb) Chauri Choura incident.

– (Feb) Suspension of Non-Cooperation Movement.

– (May) Vishva Bharti University started by Rabindranath Tagore.

– Foundation of Swaraj Party within the Congress by C.R.Dass & Motilal Nehru.

1923 – Decision to Indianise command of certain regiments of the Indian Army.

– Compromise between Swarjijsts and the No-Changers in the Congress in the special session of the Congress

in Calcutta.

1924 – 21 day fast of Gandhi by way of penance for communal riots.

1925 – (Aug) Kakori Conspiracy Case. (Asafaquallah khan, Ram Prasad Bismil)

– Formation of R.S.S. by K.B.Hedgewar.

– Foundation of the Communist Party by M.N.Roy.

– Foundation of Hindustan Republication Association by Chandra Shekhar Azad.

1926 – First All India Non-Brahmin Conference held at Belgaum under the Presidentship of E.V.Ramaswamy

– Announcement of four-point programme for co-operation with the congress by Mohammed.Ali Jinnah in the

Nagpur session of Muslim League.

1927 – (Feb) All Parties Conference summoned by the congress.

– May) Appointment of Nehru Committee to frame a constitution for India in response to Simon Commission.

– (Nov) Appointment of the Simon Commission (the Statutory commission)

– (Dec) Passing of ‘Delhi Proposals’ by Muslim leaders.

– Formation of States Peoples Conference by the People of princely states with a view to introducing self – governing institutions.

1928 – (Feb) Arrival of Simon commission in Bombay.

– (Nov) Assault of Lala Lajpat Rai in Punjab during the Boycott of the Simon Commission.

– (17 Dec) Assassination of Mr.Saunjders by Bhagat Singh & Rajguru.

– (Dec) Nehru Report was submitted by the Nehru Committee under the Chairmanship of Motilal Nehru in the All Party Conference at Calcutta to determine the principles of an Indian Constitution.

– Renaming of the Hindustan Republican ‘Association as Hindustan Socialist Republican Association under the Leadership of Chandra Shekhar Azad.

– Bardoli Satygraha under the leadership of Vallabbhai Patel on the issue of increasing of revenue attempted by the Government.

– Public Safety bill passed provided punishments to those who maintained relations with foreign countries.

1929 – (March) Announcement of 14 points demand by Jinnah in the Muslim League meeting at Delhi.

– (April) Dropping of bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly by Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt.

– (18 Aug0 Observation of “Political Sufferers Day” by the All India Congress Committee.

– (Sept) Death of Jatin Das in Jail after 64 days of fast

– (Oct) Announcement of granting the Dominion status by Lord Irwin.

– (Dec) Passing the resolution for attaining of Purna Swaraj (Complete independence) by the Indian National Congress in Lahore session under the Presidentship of Jawaharlal Nehru.

– Decision of the Congress to launch another Civil Disobedience Movement.

– Sharda Act passed prohibiting marriages of girls below 14 and boys below18 years of age.

– Commencement of the trial of the Meerut conspiracy case against Communists.

– Hoisting of tricolor flag on 31 December at Lahore.

1930 – (26 Jan) Congress observed Indian Independence Day

– (12 March) launching of the Civil Disobedience Movement with the famous Dandi March for Salt Satyagraha.

– (April) Chittagong Armour Raid by Surya Sen.

– (Nov) The first round table conference in London without the participation of the Congress.

1931 – (March) Gandhi-Irwin Pact.

– Suspension of Civil Disobedience Movement by Gandhi.

– Decision of Gandhi to take part in the Second Round Table Conference as the Sole representative of the Congress.

– Execution of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.

– (Sept) Second Round Table Conference.

1932 – (Jan) Imprisonment of Gandhi.

– (Aug) Announcement of ‘Communal Award’ by the British Prime Minister Ramsay Mac Donald.

– (Sep) Poona Pact between Gandhi and Ambedhkar and other scheduled casts representatives.

– Modification of the Communal Award.

– (Nov) Third Round Table Conference without the participation of the Congress ends without any settlement.

– Foundation of the Indian Military Academy at Dheradun.

1933 – (8 Jan) Observing as ‘Temple Entry Day’ (by Gandhi)

1934 – (May) Withdrawal of Civil Disobedience Movement.

– Withdrawl of Gandhiji from active politcs.

– Foundation of Congress Socialist Party by Achary Narehndra Dev and jai Prakash Narain.

1935 – (Aug) The Government of India Act was passed.

1936 – Formation of the First All India peasant organization, the All India Kisan Sabha.

1937 – (April) Provincial autonomy according to the Government of India Act 1935 came into force.

– Election held, the congress Ministries formed in 7 provinces, Federal Court started.

1939 – Formation of Forward Block by Subhash Chandra Bose.

– (Sep 3) World war II broke out and viceroy declared India b belligerent Country.

– Resignation of the Congress Ministries in the province against the war policy.

– (22 Dec) Observance of the “ Day of Deliverance” from the tyranny of the congress rule at the insistence of Jinnah by the Muslim League.

1940 – (March) passing of the Pakistan Resolution in the Lahore session by the Muslim League.

– (Aug10) Announcement of “August offer” by the British Policy towards Indian by Viceroy Linlithgow.

– (17 Oct) Launching of Individual Satyagraha movement by the Congress starting with Vinoba Bhave and Jawaharlal Nehru.

1941 – Death of Rabindranath Tagore.

– (17 Jan) Escape of Subhash Chandra Bose from India.

1942 – (March) Arrival of Cripps Mission.

– (April) congress President, Maulana Azad rejected the Draft Declaration.

– (July) The Congress Working Committee passed the “ Quit India” Resolution.

– (8 Aug) The passing of the “Quit India” resolution at the All India Congress Committee at Bombay.

– (Sep 1) Establishment of Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj) by Rashbehari Bose.

1943 – (Oct 21) proclamation of S.C.Bose to form the Provincial Government of Free India.

– (Dec) Adoption of the Slogan “Divide and Quit” by the Muslim League in Karachi session.

1944 – (Sep) Gandhi met Jinnah to discuss the C.Rajagopalacharya Formula.

1945 – (Dec) The trial of the I.N.A.Prisoners.

– Viceroy Wavell organized the Simla conference to discuss Wavell Plan.

1946 – (Feb 18) Mutiny of the Indian Navel ratings in Bombay.

– (March 15) Announcement of Cabinet Mission by the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee.

– (March 24) Arrival of Cabinet Mission to Delhi.

– (16 June) The Cabinet Mission outlined the procedure for forming the Interim Government.

– (July 24) Muslim League withdrew its acceptance of the Cabinet Mission Plan and Called for direct action to achieve Pakistan.

– (July) Elections to the Constituent Assembly as provided in the Cabinet Mission Plan.

– (14 Aug) Jawaharlal Nehru was invited to form the interim Government at the Centre.

– (16 Aug) The ‘Direct Action Day’ observed by the Muslim League.

– (2nd Sep) Formation of the Interim Government

– (26th Oct) Muslim League joined the Interim Government.

– (9th Dec) First session of the Constituent Assembly.(Muslim League Boycotted)

1947 – (20 Feb) Declaration of granting freedom to India Before June 1948, by Attlee.

– (3 June) Mountbatten Plan for the partition of India.

– (June) The Congress and the Muslim league accepted the Mountbatten Plan.

– (18 July) The Indian Independence Act came into force.

– (4th July) Introduction of Indian Independence Bill.

– (15 July) Passing of Indian independence Bill.

– (15 Aug) Freedom of India.


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