Career options in development sector which can help UPSC Preparation

Career options in development sector which can help UPSC Preparation

In case one want to be in development sector and still can serve the society
I suggest the following

1. Join Higher studies

I. TISS, Mumbai and other campuses
a. Urban Policy and Governance
b. Development Studies
c. Human Resource

II. CEPT, Ahmedbad

III. SPA,Delhi

IIII. IRMA, Anand, Gujarat

2. Public Policy courses- short term
The Takshashila Institution

3. Organisation which work on public policy or development sector in Bangalore
There are many others in various cities. Please check them out

– Arghyam
Safe,sustainable water for all

-ATREE ( Program Associate (Human-Wildlife Conflict))

– Indian Institute for Human Settlements

-CDD Society, Decentralised Wastewater Treatment  Systems, CBS, City Sanitation Planning, DESWAM

–  Selco Solar India, a social enterprise, provides sustainable energy  solutions, and services to under-served households and businesses.


iN Chennai


– Institute for Financial Management and Research

4. Fellowships

– Young India Fellowship
Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Liberal Studies

– Teach For India


Sociology Mind Maps

Sociology Mind Maps

Sociology optionals in mains is a scoring subject if one

writes answers in sociological perspective.

Best suggestion is to make mind maps for each topic and

use as many thinkers as possible in answers.

Some of the mind maps for reference