Sociology Mind Maps

Sociology Mind Maps

Sociology optionals in mains is a scoring subject if one

writes answers in sociological perspective.

Best suggestion is to make mind maps for each topic and

use as many thinkers as possible in answers.

Some of the mind maps for reference


33 thoughts on “Sociology Mind Maps

  1. D

    Sir, there is ambiguity when it comes to paper 2. Few of the professor’s say that mentioning thinkers is a strict no no. Few others say paper 2 should have as many thinkers and case studies.
    Sir what is your take on this?

    Sir, anticipating a quick reply since mains is only 2 days away.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Ya, here is a quick reply
      According to me, I wrote paper 2 with full of thinkers and case studies. Every answer I wrote at least 5-6 thinkers and used current affairs( see another article -How to use CA)
      I was able to get good marks in Paper II ( 147) better than Paper I(137).

  2. Keerthana

    Sir could you please provide guidance in paper 2 preparation. I secured only 69 in paper 2 because of which I couldn’t get service.

  3. Nag

    hi sir
    suggest me, how and when to start preparation for the sociology optional.going to give first attempt this year.

    Awaiting gor ur reply.
    Thanking you sir.

  4. Sir , I have chosen Sociology as my optional and have started preparing the way you had advised.

    1.> Could you please explain with an example that ” How to read the Newspaper from a Sociological Point of view ?

    1. reading the Newspaper from a Sociological Point of view
      use the syllabus book,topic wise note down any relevant newspaper article
      ex – communal violence, crimes against women, children etc

  5. Arnav

    Which edition of Haralambos should be referred as there are two different editions present on amazon and flipkart.
    One is Haralambos and Holborn and the other one is Haralambos and Heald.

  6. pravin gavhane

    hello sir tell us some good test series that really helps as I have opted for self preparation and hoping to write 2016 mains with sociology as optional..

  7. sir ,
    i know u will be quite busy as the nature of the job demands lot of time,
    but i still want to talk to you if you can take some time for me.
    i will be utmost glad and great-full.
    please share your mail id here if that is not a problem.

  8. Thaarak

    can u pls suggest coaching institute in Delhi rajendra nagar. which institute is best in dealing sociology opt, clear my doubts in class itself. You have told to ARNAV to refer Haralambos orange book and what about Blue Colour book just 1 day back i brought blue book, basing upon u r suggestion i am ready to change the book. And many of us will face prob in writing class notes, can u pls tell us how to write class notes also.
    Thank you.

    1. Haralambos Blue Colour book is also good, no need to change it, read it
      Delhi- Aditya Mongra classes, Mahapatra etc r good, as I have heard from other friends, but personally not attended classes
      Take running class notes

  9. jai sharma

    Sir is it really necessary to quote Thinkers that too 5-6 in all questions…i find it very difficult and cumbersome…can be quote just 1 or 2 and focus on analyzation part

  10. Ashwini Bhosale

    Discuss the importance of power elite in democracy. 10 marks

    Sir can u tell, what is requirement of this question… how to address it.
    Start with C. W. Mills explanation but can we write in American democracy context or indian democracy context…. as questions not mention particular c w mills name… and in discuss mean hv to give in favor argument and against it… so how to balance this answer….
    Sir pls tell as i m confuse.

    1. if this is paper 1 – write C. W. Mills and American democracy context
      if paper 2- then indian democracy context, even here u can mention cw mills

      write both positives and negatives, about discuss about it in detail
      hope this answers your doubts

  11. Hi Sir,

    I want to finish Studying sociology before June this year , could you guide me in that. In Harlombus book which chapters to study according to syllabus ? Could you give me book reference for each part of Syllabus please separately , If you can specify me for each subtopic in syllabus which chapters from which book to be read ,it would be highly helpful for me .

    Now I am reading harlombus but couldn’t connect it with syllabus as no coaching is available for me , so even after dedicating 1 month reading harlombus I am ambiguous about my studies and furious about whether i could finish syllabus.

    I have covered Thinkers part from Ignou and confident about it , but i don’t know how to cover remaining chapters after that could you help me give source and chapter number for following


    I don’t have any idea to study paper 2 and it’s source please guide me .

  12. yuvraj singh

    Sir I’m confining myself to ncerts,coaching notes and haralombos ( orange ) for paper 1 and for paper 2 coaching notes ,yojna and hindu .is it suffice sir plz reply

  13. Hemanth self Hemanth… I tooked sociology as optional.. Sir will u pls guide me .. How to start my optional preparation…which book I should start first and reading methodology

  14. vandana

    can u plz share…how u did answer writing practice for sociology?
    i want to know how to self evaluate the answers.
    PLZ reply.

  15. vandana

    can u plz tell how u did answer writing practice for sociology.
    how can i self evaluate my answers?
    & is it reuired to read BK nagla for thinkers portion?

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