Dug Wells

Dugwells – Lessons learnt


  • Wells sourcing from Deep Aquifer are usually potable (beyond 30 mtr)
  • Space availability for digging well
  • Skilled labour availability for construction of well
  • Should be in an open / clear space (no contamination from leaf litter / bird dropping)
  • Natural filter media should be ensured at the bottom / sidewalls
  • No contamination points like toilets, garbage pits, drainage line etc, near to well

Reasons for success

  • Easy access to dugwells (in terms of distance and caste barriers)-
  • Plastering and whitewash of the inner walls of dugwells reduced algal growth
  • Use of Neem leaves / Jamun leaves acts as dis-infectant
  • Dugwells built around the homogeneous community helps in maintenance and better access-
  • Cemented platform and proper drainage of excess water while drawing of water, needs to be ensured
  • Community participation in deciding the location, design and execution is needed. Cash or labour contribution is also needed for bringing ownership.

Reasons for Failure

  • Village dynamics can lead to access barrier to few people in the village
  • As in the past, the introduction of new technologies leads to defunctional & abondoning of wells (MPA, SSUD)
  • Due to permeable layer at the bottom, few dugwells get murkier. Also due to improper lining, the wells also cave in.
  • Due to open space and common ownership, scope for contamination are higher




Concern Area




Cost Economics

The cost of digging new wells costs ranges from Rs. 126000 (in case of MPA) and Rs. 100000 (in case of ASA). The cost of renovation of well costs around Rs. 25000 in both cases.


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