How to increase the income of the farmer?

After the drought of the last two years due to good monsoon this year is expected to exceed 250 million tonnes. Sufficient food production

Despite the income from agriculture is expected to grow more. There are some reasons behind it, on which the government needs to do more.

Agriculture is the mainstay of Indian grain production. The fertile land of grain is grown on more than half. 60 percent of irrigated land is only 15-30 per cent of pulses and oilseeds. These crops are most affected by monsoon. Since the demand is increasing protein and fats, so last year’s monsoon being weak pulses were imported in large quantities.

The world’s largest Upbekta pulses in India. If the crop fails due to poor monsoon in India, the prices in the world market are increased immediately. Oilseeds in oil prices below the international market has got together, there was so little damage to the Indian farmers. Protect them from harm, the government had to increase the import rate. Good production of pulses and oilseeds this year and imports are expected to decline in prices of pulses.

Milk, fruits and vegetables, such as reduction in the management of perishable products. Only sell 16 million tonnes of milk is used in only 40 per cent. The rest has to be consumed in the villages. Absence of adequate roads, villagers near the dairy industry is not the correct information on the price of milk, milk-processed to preserve the right technology and the absence of income from the business could not afford more.
Although their surplus milk purchasing cooperative Smtian helping farmers, yet rural infrastructure and low prices despite the increase in the income of farmers increased. Milk prices in the international market is a factor in this incident.

Similarly, the lack of vegetables, adequate distribution facility in Maharashtra due to a bumper crop of onions caused great harm to farmers. The researchers believe that the technology has not only reduced the duration of the development cycle of the crop yield is increased. Now farmers can grow other crops in a year.
Farmer in terms of yields and large there is no shortage. After two consecutive years of low prices did not increase yield. MSP and the credit was given to clamp down on hoarders. The root cause, however, was enough to have cereal.
Some of the main causes of the increase in non-farm income. And perhaps challenging for policy makers to deploy the following steps take time, may prove effective.
Improve food processing and export growth to increase. More recently, production of onion exports after farmers had advised the Minister. How many farmers are able to export at the time?
Despite the abundance of natural resources, Indian farmers today are far behind in international competition. Because there is a decrease in productivity, as well as our currency is also rising-falling, which is not proved beneficial for agribusiness. Ukraine, Brazil and Russia, of course, farmers have benefited from the currency’s decline.
Development of new technologies is to decrease the number of farmers directly. 49 per cent of our population is engaged in agriculture, while only 2 per cent of people in the US have enough food for the whole country also manages production and exports. Agricultural income will be doubled only when the number of people engaged in this business is low.
The challenge will be the rural population in the agriculture business as an alternative to what the government brings