Milk Diary logframe

Milk Diary logframe

Project hierarchy

Narrative summery

Objectively verifiable indicators of achievement

Sources and Means of verification

Risks and assumptions

Overall objectives

-increased income of milk producing farmers of “meva nagla” village within 3 months.

-To provide quality milk at reasonable price to customers

– at least 15-20% increase in the income of farmers.

– increased benefits of milk buying to the customers upto 20%.

– this can be verified from farmers by calculating cattle rearing expenses before and after our intervention.

– this can be verified from customers expenses on dairy product.Because of good quality milk now they can get better quality curd,butter milk and obviously more amount of ghee (makkhan).

-better pricing and good quality will lead to increasing interest towards dairying among farmers and will provide occupational opportunities in villages.

Project purpose

A. milk producers practice clean milk production techniques.

B. villagers incur less cost in milk production by adopting animal and nutrition management techniques.

C. Villagers get fair price for milk based on quality along with profit sharing.

D. customers get good quality milk at reasonable price.

E. Customers know about quality parameters and testing of milk.

-natural milk shelf life will increase by 1 hr.

– after 3 months all families of village will become members of cooperative society and cost of milk production will reduce by 20%.

– villagers will get 15-20% increase in price of their milk and milk production also.

– upto 20% reduction in expenses on other milk products like ghee , curd etc.

– milk quality record book.

– cooperative society members record books

– direct observation by villagers of their cattle related expenses.

– cooperative society milk record book and farmers survey details.

-customers survey details

– customers will give positive response in learning about milk quality and testing of it.

-other local milkman will not create problems for us.

Expected results

-Improvement in milk quality and milk production.

-reduction in cost of milk production for farmers.

-better price for milk producers for milk.

-more economic benefits to the milk customers .

-Improvement in dairy knowledge of farmers and customers.

– improved interest in animal rearing and better income by milk selling.

– increased number of customers because of economic benefits to them.

-improvement in quality consciousness among farmers and customers.

– milk collection record book ,cattle survey ,village survey

– customers record book

-villagers will participate enthusiastically in this activity and will provide required support.

– milk will be collected and distributed timely.


-Informing customers and farmers about quality parameters and testing of milk.

-making village milk cooperative and selling milk in market at reasonable price to customers.

-training of farmers about low cost feed i.e. azolla, spirulina etc. and their cultivation.

– milk testing equipments and testing team.

-need milk procuring facilities i.e. cans,testing kit,transportation, selling shop,effective pricing techniques,team etc.

-training material ,facilities and culture of feed.

-quality improvement record book.

– customers retaining details and quality based pricing record book.

-record of farmers expenses on cattle rearing and record of differences after our intervention.

– milk customers and milk producers farmers should give us chance to tel them about quality parameters.

-villagers should be ready to sell their milk to us to get quality basis remuneration for milk.

-farmers should be ready to learn new techniques.


– INR 15000 will be raised from self efforts.

-milk testing equipments.

-Labor from community

-Training by veterinary doctor


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