Integrated Water Purification

Integrated Water Purification

Atul Kulkarni


This water purification technology is a complete solution to production of potable drinking water in any part of world especially in remote areas from water dissolved with solids –suspended matter. The water can be purified from river, lake, well, ground water. It has a simple installation and the output is a clean drinking water from any brackish water source or any high turbid water source.




External elements

8-20 photovoltaic modules

1-2 windmills

Internal elements

  • Feed pump for raw water
  • sand filter
  • Filtration onto a carton or pouch
  • Dosing pump for sodium hypochlorite ( bleach)
  • Reverse osmosis system for salt/saline / brine or brackish water
  • An output for ‘treated water’ towards the holding tank
  • Electrical control box
  • Energy storing batteries
  • Flexible holding tanks


Customised options

  • Ultra violet generator for bacterial disinfection
  • Manual plastic bagging unit for the storage and distribution of treated water.
  • Ice machine (from 150-450 kg per day)
  • Bottling line
  • PVC holding tanks
  • Drinking water fountains
  • Mineralization
  • Gasification



Brackish water Surface Water
Raw water source Borehole, drilling well, estuary River, well, lake
Treatment specification Organic and inorganic contamination. TDS <2000 ppm(mg/l). Turbidity < 10 NTU Organic and inorganic contamination. TDS < 900 ppm(mg/l). Turbidity < 50 NTU
Quality of produced water Potable water-WHO recommendation Potable water-WHO recommendation
Production capacity 1,100 l/hr-7 m3/j 1,000 l/hr-7 m3/j
Pre-filtration Multi-layered –centrifugal system Multi-layered –centrifugal system
Membrane technology Reverse osmosis Ultra-filtration
Feed pump raw water Suction device 2,300 Vh maximum -25m 2,300 Vh maximum -25m
Energy Supply 5000 W 2820 W
Energy consumption 2.55 KW 1.1 KW
Optional features Submersible pumps

UV sterilisers

PVC Agro holding tanks

Submersible pumps

UV sterilisers

PVC Agro holding tanks







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