Breath is “Life”

Life is absolutely dependent on the act of breathing. To breathe is to
live  and without breath there is no life. We can live without food,
water  for few days , but without breath we can hardly survive for
more than few minutes. So ” Breath is Life”.
Not only humans , but also animals , plants depend on breath for life.
Humans breathe in air (Lord Himself ) and give out air in  humanity
which is breath (life ) for plants . Thus we live in harmony with each
When an infant inhales the air and extracts the life giving component
in air , then infant life begins on earth. When a person takes last
faint breathe , he dies and thus life ends there. Life is but a series
of breathe.
Breathing is considered as most important function of our body. Thus
the air we breathe is most important. In normal circumstances , humans
need no instructions for breathing. The due to bad habits of our
civilization we have destroyed this normal functioning of breathing.
The air today especially in cities is polluted , contains harmful
gases , dust etc causing a lot of chronicle diseases and thus normal
life of humans in cities is altered. Let me not get into more details
of correct breathing and end this article by saying that ” We need to
grow more trees to restore the harmony in nature ”